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Imagique Salon Suites

“..Luxury is more than a frame of mind – it is also a beautiful, refreshing sense of place..”

At Imagique Salon Suites, we offer both clients and stylists a truly luxurious space to either work or indulge. In this private, beautiful setting, clients hide away from the noises and stresses of everyday life, and embrace their spirit of beauty, health and indulgence. Stylists, in turn, find that they are able to do their very best work in this truly professional, upscale environment that clients always love.

As you leisurely make your way through our plush greeting room and up the gleaming granite stairway (or shining glass elevators, if you prefer), you will find that our salons are fully equipped for your experience of complete luxury.

Natural light from our beautiful Plano, TX sun trickles through 36 windows with expansive views, and 24 lofty skylights. The salon interiors are cool, secure, fresh-smelling, and enclosed for your comfort and privacy. Here, experienced onsite management makes your comfort its top priority, and our rooms include a range of amenities for your communications needs, including Internet, wifi, DVD player and telephone. We also have two break rooms featuring a microwave, toaster, and free coffee for your enjoyment.

As your senses are lulled by the gentle music that constantly travels through this pleasant space, your heightened sense of relaxation will make your massage, hair styling, manicure or make-up session an experience that truly inspires and rejuvenates.

Imagique Hair Salon and Nail Salon

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