Five Ways to Organize Your Salon Suite

Keeping your salon suite organized is a fundamental element to a successful business. You can organize your salon in a way that is efficient and speeds up processes, maximizes space, and reduces waste. A planned space will give your clients a feeling of comfort and reassurance as they sit in your chair. 1. Labeling & […] View more

5 Tips For Early Success When Renting a Salon Suite

You finally feel ready to take the plunge and rent a salon suite. You know that your work is top quality and that your clients love you. It’s time to be your own boss and start working for yourself. These five tips will help set you up for success when launching your salon suite business. […] View more

Considering Renting A Salon Suite?

You’ve been considering renting a salon suite for months. You haven’t entirely sold yourself on putting your signature on the dotted line, right? All beauty professionals have been where you are. There is a difference between renting a salon booth and renting a salon suite. Consider these salon suite rental basics before committing to a […] View more

5 Actionable Tips to Sell More Retail Products in Your Salon Suite

You have spent time perfecting your practice and mastering your skills, and now your salon suite has grown considerably. You’re experiencing an improvement in the flow of clients to your business. Besides, they feel the essence of satisfaction when they leave your salon, which has been critical to your business growth. Selling retail products can […] View more

Why is a Salon Suite better than a booth rental or standard salon?

As a stylist, you know that you work hard and your clients love you. Why not take the plunge and start working for yourself? When you become your boss, you take control of your finances and your schedule. Many stylists will consider a booth rental or a salon suite rental as the next step in […] View more

Imagique Salon Suites: Waxing Services

Be they women or men, removal of unwanted body hair is both a matter of fashion and personal hygiene for many people. Waxing is an inexpensive, convenient, comfortable and excellent way to deal with hair removal on the face or the body. This method removes hair from the root and keeps your body hair-free for two to […] View more

How To Find a Good Hair Salon in 2019

Everyone wants to look their best. From business to social functions, confidence is often the direct result of how you feel. And as many can attest to, if you look good, you feel good! Everyone can look good with the right hair stylist but finding the salon that meets your needs can be a challenge. […] View more

5 Important Tips For Picking Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can radically change and revive a person’s look. The hair extension industry reached $346 million in the United States in 2017 and continues to grow. With so many options in the market, it can be difficult to know which hair extensions to choose. Hair extensions are not a ‘one size fits all’ purchase. Keep reading […] View more

Tips to Grow Your Hair Thicker

  A lot of people, more so ladies, long for a thick, gorgeous hair. Other people are opting to use Weaves and hair extensions to give them a chance to have thicker hair. But did you know there are natural ways that are a lot less expensive, to develop a thick, glossy hair? If not, […] View more

Hairstyle Trends for spring/summer ’19 for Women

Ladies have been going for more natural hairstyles that are easy to do and maintain. The trend continues for 2019 with a majority of the styles requiring a few items to get it right. Notably, there is a mix of natural bohemian and extravagant styles for 2019. You will also find several formal updos for […] View more