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Top 8 Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair

There are different ways you can damage your hair, and you might not realize it. These eight bad habits that are damaging your hair and you need to stop these habits immediately. 1. Shampooing and Conditioning There is a correct and incorrect way to shampoo and condition your hair. If you’re like most people, you […] View more

Hairstyle Trends For Fall/Winter 2020

New seasons inspire not only a change of wardrobe but also fresh new hairstyles. The cold season is an opportunity to bid your worn-out summer style goodbye and get a more exciting hairstyle. However, with the numerous trendy haircuts and hair colors, you can draw inspiration from, the options can seem overwhelming. As such, you […] View more

5 Ways to Social Distance and Protect Clients in a Salon

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a devastating toll on human life and disrupted economic activity in unprecedented ways. This situation has forced businesses to change the way they do things to protect both their staff and clients. However, it remains difficult to implement preventative measures such as social distancing in places like salons. What Is […] View more

7 of the Hottest Summer Nail Trends

The warm weather should inspire you to discard the standard manicure for something splashier. Warmer days are ahead of us, and what better way to usher them in than with bold, colorful and vibrant nails. We stalked the internet to find the following 7 hottest summer nails styles to turn your nails into pieces of […] View more

Top 5 Design and Decor Tips for Beauty Salons

Besides the quality of service, customers also consider a salon’s decor and design before considering a visit. As such, it is advisable to spend more time and resources on the salon layout and decor as you would on ensuring quality services. If you are remodeling your beauty salon, the following designs and decor ideas will […] View more

5 Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back for More Salon Services

The current highly competitive business environment has compelled businesses to use every trick in the book to attract new clients. But once you have new clients, how will you keep them? Well, return customers are the bloodline of any venture, and you need to strengthen your connection with them if you want to realize your […] View more

5 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Let’s face it, you feel young, so you want to look young. The right haircut can complement and brighten your features, while a poor haircut can age you drastically. Many women don’t realize that they can get haircuts or hairstyles that make them appear older. To make sure you’re not unwillingly aging yourself with older […] View more

6 Hair Hacks to Deal with Static Hair

No one likes having static hair. It makes your hair appear frizzy and unkempt. And, if you put the time into a hairstyle, it often ruins it. Women with limp or thin hair are most susceptible to static hair. Additionally, women with dry hair are more likely to have staticky hair. To help you deal […] View more

The Truth About 6 Common Hair Myths

We’ve all heard sage advice about our hair that we accept to be fact. But, have you ever stopped to consider if this advice is accurate? Do you truly need to cut your hair more often to get it to grow faster? Should you really lather, rinse, and repeat? We’re here to clear up six […] View more

4 Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair Color

Lightening your hair is an excellent way to add a sunkissed hue to your hair without getting too drastic with your natural hair color. There are several natural ways to add beautiful highlights to your hair without contending with the side effects associated with artificial bleaching chemicals. Whether you want to add some natural-looking highlights […] View more