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5 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Let’s face it, you feel young, so you want to look young. The right haircut can complement and brighten your features, while a poor haircut can age you drastically. Many women don’t realize that they can get haircuts or hairstyles that make them appear older. To make sure you’re not unwillingly aging yourself with older […] View more

6 Hair Hacks to Deal with Static Hair

No one likes having static hair. It makes your hair appear frizzy and unkempt. And, if you put the time into a hairstyle, it often ruins it. Women with limp or thin hair are most susceptible to static hair. Additionally, women with dry hair are more likely to have staticky hair. To help you deal […] View more

The Truth About 6 Common Hair Myths

We’ve all heard sage advice about our hair that we accept to be fact. But, have you ever stopped to consider if this advice is accurate? Do you truly need to cut your hair more often to get it to grow faster? Should you really lather, rinse, and repeat? We’re here to clear up six […] View more

4 Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair Color

Lightening your hair is an excellent way to add a sunkissed hue to your hair without getting too drastic with your natural hair color. There are several natural ways to add beautiful highlights to your hair without contending with the side effects associated with artificial bleaching chemicals. Whether you want to add some natural-looking highlights […] View more

5 Easiest Hairstyles When You’re in a Hurry

There’s no denying that life is busy. More often than not, you probably find yourself rushing out the door without the time to put yourself together. And yet, you likely have noticed that you feel better when you are put-together. When you feel like you look good, you tend to walk through your day with […] View more

Tips for Improving Client Communication

The foundation for understanding your clients and their unique needs is based on a robust communication strategy. Timely feedback from your clients helps you customize services to meet their specific tastes and needs. Importantly, consistent interactions with the customers will help you win their trust and loyalty and benefit from their referrals. 1. Use Client […] View more

5 Tips to Improve Your Hairstyling

Whether you visit a hairdresser or style your hair yourself, it is important to identify the right styling techniques that keep your hair looking great. However, like many other skills, it takes practice and patience to perfect your hairstyling. Here are some basic tips to get you started: 1. Understand Your Hair Type Hair comes […] View more

5 Essential Products that will Define your Hair

You’ve probably noticed that your hair is flattening or frizzing and could use some love, but are unsure of where to start. Just as is the case with any self-care routine, it’s essential to get down to the basics. There are thousands of hair products out there to choose from, so how do you know […] View more

Top Hairstyle Trends for the Summer Season

Summer is a great time to try some summer trends when it comes to hairstyles. You can find great hairstyle trends that suit you that also help you beat the heat and humidity and look great doing it. Let Imaginique Salon Suites give you some hairstyle ideas to beat the heat. 1. Straight And Glossy […] View more

10 Tips for Increasing Salon Sales (Summer 2020)

Running a salon suite business in 2020 has definitely come with its challenges. No matter what is happening in the world, people still need regular haircuts and styling appointments for special events. Now more than ever, it’s important to understand how to grow your salon business. These ten tips will teach you quick, practical ways […] View more