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7 Steps To Reduce Salon No Shows and Missed Appointments

When it comes to running a salon suite, no shows can be like a thousand little cuts to your profit stream. A missed appointment is a lost opportunity to have another client in the chair. The average cost of a woman’s haircut across the United States is $45. If you have just one missed appointment […] View more

Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Salon Suite

  Salon suites have become one of the fastest-growing trends in the hair salon industry. Salon suites offer many benefits, including flexibility, increased freedom and the opportunity to be your own boss. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading for a full breakdown of everything you need to know about salon suites. What Is […] View more

5 Tips for becoming a successful hairstylist

When it comes to being a hairstylist, there’s a lot of competition out there. However, not all hairstylists are equal. Only the hairstylists who put effort into their success will build up a loyal clientele and see bookings all year long. Keep reading for the top six tips you can implement to become a successful […] View more

Five Ways To Enhance The Client Experience In Your Salon Space

Aside from the actual haircut, the second most important aspect of going to the salon is the experience. For the average person, a visit to the hair salon is a luxury experience. Clients may receive a fantastic haircut, but if the overall encounter was lackluster, they’re unlikely to return. Keep reading for five easy ways […] View more

How To Get New Clients as a Salon Professional

As a salon professional, you may find it challenging to get new customers. Your beauty skills are always in demand, but getting new customers can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Here’s a simple guide you can use to fill your schedule and have a steady income. 1) Focus Your Marketing Efforts Marketing is […] View more

Salon Suite Decoration Tips

When you finally have your own salon suite, it can feel exciting and overwhelming. You’re finally a business owner and ready to see your vision come to life. One of the first things you’ll want to tackle first is how you decorate the space. When it comes to decorating, people often say less is more. […] View more

Dealing With Customer Complaints

First-time salon owners have to overcome several challenges to make their business ventures successful. One of the most common problems new salon owners face is customer complaints. At Imagique, we deemed it only right to give you the scoop on how to deal with them. Know That You Will Receive Complaints A new salon will […] View more

5 Great Tips for First-Time Salon Owners

For many people in the beauty service industry, the thought of owning their own salon fills them hope and ambition. As a company that provides suites that house these businesses, we experience the happiness that comes with the realization of this dream firsthand. Imagique has helped many first-time salon owners take the next step by […] View more

What Makes a Great Nail Technician?

Nowadays, most people prefer to have a nail technician to take care of their nails instead of doing them at home. There are many reasons for this popular preference. One reason is that professional nail technicians are attentive to detail and put a lot of effort into their art. We’ve put together the signs of […] View more

The Link Between Collagen & Healthy Hair

Our hair salon clients at Imagique Salon Suites frequently ask us how they can achieve luxurious locks like the movie stars have. It’s not a mystery, nor is it a secret. The key to strong, healthy hair with a shine is a protein that your body has in abundance: collagen. You may associate this protein […] View more