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About Maria Rodriguez

My name is Maria E. Rodriguez. I have been a licensed Massage therapist since 2009. I grew up being exposed to and learning about holistic healing practices as a child from my grandparents and my mother. The passion for my profession is absolute as is the constant drive that keeps me on the cutting edge of all new developments in every manner of safe therapy -both conventional and holistic. As a graduate of Hands on Approach School of Massage my preparation as a massage therapist is second to none. I have experience as a massage Instructor and Lead therapist, i have worked in massage clinics and luxury spas, retreat centers and with companies and individuals. I practice many modalities, but i specialize in therapeutic Massage. I am always learning to offer the best treatment to my clients. As a result I have had the opportunity to travel locally, nationally and internationally for my clients and to share my massages, and knowledge with people all over the world. As a student of life and of the energy that surrounds us daily, I was most fortunate to work under a world-renowned and respected Medical Anthropologist, Psychologist, PhD and Shaman in South America. Through my work and with indigenous healers in South America, I have added an arsenal of enlightened expertise in alternative healing methods that you will reap the benefits of. Pick my brain – I insist! I love giving people helpful tips and information. I only make recommendations that I have tried and that I truly believe in. Rest assured that I will give you my most honest answer and recommendation. Initially, I feel I was called into doing massage therapy because i saw the need to help my mom and myself manage pain from several accidents and traumas that we had both suffered in the past. I danced and choreographed a celebrated Folkloric music troupe and played soccer for many years. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I also worked at a desk job for eight years so i can relate to most of my clients. I have had many daunting health-related challenges that I’ve had to overcome that have humbled me and made me grateful. I am so very grateful to be here, right now, helping others find that light or relief that they’ve been seeking for so long. I am now convinced that my sole purpose and calling in life is deeply rooted in healing and nurturing my fellow human beings via Massage therapy and Holistic therapy. If you are ready to change your life, i am here to help. Book your session today and experience the Massage therapy difference that I can provide.

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